Instagram Week #36

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Accessories // Charity shop silk blouse // Weston // Throwback to '99 // Birnbeck // Charity shop finds // Breakfast // Charity shop LV // Park St

This week has been a good week for charity shopping! It was my birthday on Wednesday and Adrian and I went for a walk in the sunshine to a village nearby where we looked around the antique shops, and I couldn't resist a look in to some of the chazzas too! I picked up some great things and was really pleased with my finds!

 I also went over to Weston to see my mum and dad and the weather was spectacular, it was as if summer had returned! The last few days have been lovely too so hopefully the sunshine stays a little while longer. I don't really want to drag my coat out just yet!

Since I have been using the charity shopped LV handbag I have started thinking about whether it's totally naff to have a matching bag and purse! I never really thought about it before and I know mega logo mania is all a bit early 2000's but I quite like it!

XO Amie
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