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I'm usually quite dismissive of trend titles that seem to only come around to suit a particular group, and the whole 'normcore' thing really annoyed me. I find it quite ridiculous that wearing fairly nondescript and plain clothes amounts to being a 'trend', as if someone had suddenly decreed that to not try at all is the ultimate in trying hard. The irony. Anyway, what also gets me about the 'normcore' trend is that actually the pieces that make up the look are never even that 'normal'; there might be a straight legged jean, a simple trainer, a slouchy knit, even maybe a hat, but each piece will have some sort of luxurious edge to it; this isn't grunge dressing, but simplistic looks done in clever ways.

I actually don't mind the 'look' at all, it's more the fact that it's trying so hard to detract itself from being in any way fashiony, and has ultimately become a copied trend. I hate the word, too; it doesn't lend itself to sounding anything but 'anti-fashion' (another annoying phrase!) when really it's anything but!

Back to the point of this post; and that is the ever so slightly 'normcore' shoe pictured above. The Nike Rosherun is definitely a marmite shoe; but I've changed my opinion of it completely. At first I hated it. Then I quite liked it. Now I really like it, but would want to invest in it for purely aesthetic reasons; I don't really 'do' running, which is what I am certain this shoes primary function is to aid. Rather, I feel it would be a good commuter shoe, lightweight, great colour (prefer the white sole, though, I think) and the best part of all is its nondescript nature. No bright colours, aggravating logos, bubble sole features; they look comfortable and they whisper. This is a shoe with no statement to make; it will be a comfortable and practical addition to your shoedrobe. And if that's not another paradox, I don't know what is.

XO Amie
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