Marble Print

M&S marble print dress here

At £55 this M&S marble print dress was a little out of reach but thanks to the sale, it's now £22 and hanging on my clothing rail! I love the scoop hem and the really easy wear style; I actually bought this to wear on my birthday but the weather didn't cooperate. However, if it should stay pleasant for Bristol Fashion Week I think this could be a good option. Definitely not high summer with that print, but then it isn't really high summer any more, despite the weather; so this makes for a good compromise. M&S do it again! Certainly not every piece in the store is to my taste, but they do have a few gems to be found and the Autograph range is by far my favourite. I shall wear this now with bare legs (weather permitting) and through to the winter with tights and ankle boots. Season to season dressing the easy way!

XO Amie

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