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A lovely friend of mine recently gave me a bottle of Bleach London rose shampoo to try. It hadn't worked for her so she thought I'd like to try it out, and I had planned to review it anyway which got me to thinking about putting together a post about hair care.

My hair is super long and does take a lot of looking after; it's low maintenance in terms of styling as I often wear it down and let its natural wave do its thing, but getting it to that point can be an effort. I probably was my hair 2 to 3 times a week, which might seem like hardly at all to some people but it really doesn't seem to need to be washed daily. Normally by day 3 I need to use dry shampoo but only on my fringe and roots. I actually prefer to style my hair when it's a couple of days in, as when it's freshly washed it is far too fluffy and slippery to be able to style properly! I like to wash it in the evening, blow dry it straight and sleep on it, and then the next morning it's a little more manageable.

I have only used the Rose shampoo a couple of times but I really like it. I have a lot of bleached highlights and ombre through the lengths of my hair and whilst it didn't make it pink, it did seem to pick out the natural redness in my hair and give the blonde tones warmth. I think it will make a difference the more I use it; Steph, my friend, has very dark hair with blond at the tips and I can see it wouldn't have had much of an impact on her hair just because it was so dark. The best thing about the shampoo is the smell, it has a rose scent which is just amazing!

This backcombing brush is something I use a lot in styling, I love to  create a backcombed low ponytail, it's so easy and one of my go-to looks. I like the pointed end which helps to define a parting and it only cost £1 from Primark!

Because my hair is so long and thick, hair pins and grips are essentials. I always have hundreds in the bedroom, bathroom and in my bag; I'm always losing them! These are a mix of longer length ones and the standard ones, the longer ones are ideal for me because my hair is thick so the normal sized ones aren't always strong enough to keep a style.

My latest hair care find is this Trevor Sorbie serum which I have been using in between uses of the Grapefruit hair oil I blogged about last week. It's very light and whilst I'm always sceptical of products that claim to be able to 'reseal split ends' it does definitely make my hair softer and silkier, less frizzy, and also helps protect against heat damage. So definitely a product I'd rate!

What are your haircare must haves?

XO Amie
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