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In this social media obsessed world, it seems as if new platforms are cropping up all the time. Most of these I tend not to use; I stick with what I know and like (Instagram and Twitter, mainly; I don't even really use Facebook all that much these days!)

 I do tend to become addicted to a new social platform that I discover I like; I've done it with Pinterest and the latest on the list is VSCO Cam. This is a photo sharing site, similar to Instagram but without the 'likes' and is basically page after page of incredibly beautiful photographs. I think you can just use it to edit pictures you'd like to use elsewhere, as the filter options are really good, but you can also 'follow' other users and create newsfeeds of snappers you like.

I have to admit I have found it to be quite a difficult platform. It's not very user friendly; it's particularly tricky to use on a phone as it's not easy to see how to go 'back' a page (for me anyway) but perhaps I'm just doing it wrong! I have uploaded a few test shots (there's actually more than is showing in the screen shot above, but again, not sure how to get these to show up on the main 'grid'

EDIT: I've since realised that you have to upload your photos to the grid to get them to show up! I'm so not any good at technology!

Do you use VSCO Cam? If so, please leave me your username so I can follow you; when I try and search for anyone I think I might know, I can't find anyone!

XO Amie
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