Instagram Week #34

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I was off work last week, and I spent it chilling out at home, catching up with my friends and also taking part in a fashion shoot (more on this soon.) I had a really nice week off and the weather was actually ok; apart from being unseasonably cold it didn't rain too much so I was able to enjoy the sunshine in Weston when I went over to see my mum and dad. 

On one of these trips to Weston, I stopped at the TK Maxx at Worle which is one of my favourites, I always seem to find great things there. Sure enough it did not disappoint! I got some gorge leather bound notebooks (fast outpacing my scented candle obsession!) and also some amazing pieces from & Other Stories; who knew that brand would be available in TK Maxx?! 

I did have to work over the bank holiday but it was ok as in typical British fashion, it rained all day! Hopefully summer isn't actually over; I'm hoping the warmer climes will come back! It feels too soon for boots and coats just yet!

XO Amie
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