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I posted recently here about one of my favourite shoe brands, Yull. I have worked with Sarah who is the driving force behind the brand since back in 2011 when I first became aware of her and the incredible shoes she designs and makes! How exciting, then, to see that she has turned her hand to another potential area of the market; makeup!

I'm not sure what sort of range Yull will be coming out with, but at the moment I know that they have looked at lipliners and eyeliners to begin with and Sarah very kindly sent me a few lipliners to try! I was so pleased because Sarah knows I love a red lipstick so they are the perfect shade. There is a rich red and also a more brick red shade. The consistency of the liner is really smooth and it applies really easily; I've used lots of different lipliners over the years and these easily stand up against some of the best I've tried.

I think it's really important for businesses to be able to adapt and diversify to offer the products that their market needs, and I can't think of a better pairing than fashion and beauty. Lipstick and heels, the perfect accessories to make any woman feel amazing. 

I can't wait to see more from the Yull range, be it makeup or more shoes....I am particularly looking forward to the Brighton Brogues which are available now to buy here.

XO Amie

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