Bargain of the day #2

zoe karssen t shirt tk maxx bargain
zoe karssen t shirt tk maxx
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Zoe Karssen t shirt TK Maxx £8

One of the things I love about TK Maxx is that it's a bit of a rummage. You never know what you might turn up in there, and that, for me, it its USP. You don't go there to find something in particular; you go there with an open mind and end up with a lot of things you probably don't really need, but can't leave behind!

I really like the Zoe Karssen brand but it's not something that's affordable to me; I did buy a tee from Harvey Nichols once but sort of regretted spending the amount I had on it (about £30 in the sale) and even though I wore it a few times, it was white and so I was worried about spilling something on it or getting it dirty, because I had paid a lot for it. Nevertheless, I still loved it, so I wasn't too fussed although I didn't think I'd buy any more from the range.

Until, of course, I realised TK Maxx seem to have got a bulk consignment of it! I went into my local branch and found loads but I was particularly draw to this cool tee which was £8 in the sale. I snapped it up, of course, and found a lot more besides, such as the sweaters and bat-printed joggers, which were £24.99 so I left them, despite ASOS having the same in stock for £110. £110! who pays £110 for jogging bottoms?! not even technical ones at that! I can't even part with £24.99 for a pair!

Still, TK Maxx does have some great finds when you can be bothered to have a root about!

XO Amie

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