Top Blogging Tips with Fashion Union

When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I liked fashion, and moreover I liked writing; and I thought that a simple to use website, such as blogspot, would be an effective platform to launch some of my thoughts and ideas from. I still maintain that I don't really know what I am doing, but I have learnt a fair amount over the last five years; from how to take better pictures to ways to link text to websites. It hasn't always been easy (coding is still a foreign language and photoshop is not my friend) but I can look at my blog now and feel proud of the way it has matured as I have learnt these new skills.

I was contacted on behalf of Fashion Union and asked a few questions around 'blogging tips' and I wanted to share the result of the interview here. I'm in good company with several other fantastic bloggers and I think it's great that more established bloggers are able to help those just starting out or unsure of what to do to make their blog better, even in very small ways. I think the blogging community is strengthened through knowledge and a lot of what I know now has been picked up from other bloggers who have written posts or been active over their social media with ideas of how to better blogs, as well as things that have been self-taught or learnt.

I thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed for this feature, so many thanks to Fashion Union for the opportunity!

XO Amie

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