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chanel shoes Gap skinny chino Quiksilver Woman blouse ASOS sunglasses
Pieces leather bag marc jacobs watch
asos sunnies qsw blouse gap chinos chanel ballet pumps shoes
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Wearing: Gap chino's QSW blouse Chanel shoes Pieces bag Marc Jacobs watch Daniella Draper rings ASOS sunglasses

I used to think I wore quite a lot of colour, but looking back (even looking at my wardrobe!) I can see that's not the case. I had a look back through my blog to last year when these trousers were my fave pair ever and both times I featured them in an outfit post they were pretty much a base for neutral tones; see here and here. It's not that I'm afraid to wear colour, and I accept that it's pretty boring to just stick to neutrals all the time, but I just tend to gravitate towards these; any times I attempt to introduce colour into my wardrobe it just doesn't stick, perhaps given that there is no other colour in there to give it a fair go at becoming a staple part of my everyday edit.

I suppose on reflection there is some colour in there, but it's at the very furthest end of the scale of a neutral; for example; a mustard yellow dress which is so dark it's almost umber, and a khaki green cashmere knit which I adore. But predominately you will find only a selection of white, black, nude, grey, and all the shades across those spectrums in there. Taupe I can do. Mushroom I like. Cream is also a favourite. Bubblegum pink? Not so much.

What I do like, however, is print and fabric. I can go after metallics all day long, and leopard print; why, that's another neutral to me. Perhaps that was why I was drawn to this Quiksilver blouse (found in TK Maxx for £12) the interest comes from the quirky print and luxe fabric which makes this look like the best t shirt ever. I love the style and the way it sits so nicely with the more fitted bottoms. 

My Chanel shoes are certainly earning their place in my shoedrobe, as I barely seem to be able to take them off from one day to the next. I have a few pairs of sandals but I just love these ballet pumps, and I am getting close to wearing them out (ahh!) they just seem to add the right amount of polish to a look which sometimes a sandal can't deliver (I know they did with this look because I tried sandals on first and then switched them out!)

This is my favourite sort of summer dressing, easy and effortless. Which I think is a possible reason I don't wear that much colour; it means everything goes with everything else!

Do you wear much colour in the summer? 

XO Amie
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