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Wearing: Gap stripe top and chinos, ASOS necklace, Urban Outfitters watch, vintage jewellery, Topshop shoes vintage Clarks bag

There's a combination I always find hard to resist in the summer, and that is a little bit of white and navy. It's so chic! It's so (apparently cliched) French! C'etait parfait and I adore it. I actually adore it even more when there is some gold and a bit of tan involved; gives it a more 'summer in the city' rather than 'nautical' vibe (there's nothing wrong with that though!). I am looking a little more tanned thanks to a big dose of St Tropez fakery than the real sun; I spent all weekend in bed with the flu so tanning was off the agenda, I'm not one for laying in the sun for hours on end really (too worried about wrinkles!) but it's lovely to feel the sun on your skin. Even with the flu sweats!

This is about my favourite easy summer look ever; simple separates that can be mixed and matched at whims to create fresh new looks. I rediscovered these little wedged gladiators in my suitcase of shoes (they were at the bottom) and since they've barely left my feet. I've been wearing them with skirts, shorts, chino's-they seem to go with everything with such ease. Re-find of the week no doubt!

XO Amie
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