Summer Sun

asos dress vintage bag chanel shoes
asos dress vintage bag
kestrel in bristol
chanel shoes flowers festival outdoors sunshine
kestrel in bristol
chanel shoes asos dress vintage bag asos sunglasses
asos watch vintage ring
kestrel in bristol
asos bag vintage chanel shoes
asos black dress vintage bag vintage hat
bare feet tattoos flowers festival

Wearing: ASOS T shirt dress Chanel ballerinas Vintage bag and jewellery

With the weather being so glorious it was the perfect opportunity to head to the nearest park and soak it all up. Bristol has a couple of lovely green zones and they are the perfect place to relax in the middle of the city. I love being outside when it's such lovely weather; it really feels like summertime and I am loving having my (pale) legs out!

I have become obsessed with simple dresses at the moment, I bought this t shirt dress from ASOS a couple of weeks ago and I actually intended to wear it with ankle boots but it was far too warm for that, so I went for the Chanels instead. I would link the dress as it was really cheap but is great quality, heavy jersey, but unfortunately the website is down following a fire at their warehouse, which is a pity.

When we were walking around in the sun a kestrel flew overhead so Adrian stalked it for a bit and took a few photos. It looked a bit annoyed because it had just caught a mouse and probably wanted to munch on it, but stashed it as it was flying from tree to tree. It was lovely to see it so close up and looking so calm and relaxed in the sun.

XO Amie
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