Charity Shop Find of the Week #6

chanel bag
chanel chain strap 2.55 handbag white quilted cc
charity shop find chanel 2.55
chanel chain strap 2.55 white

Chanel 2.55 bag £5 local charity shop

Now, I'm not under any illusion that this is a real Chanel handbag, however I've always imagined finding one in a charity shop, and today I did that! It caught my eye on a shelf nestled between two larger handbags, I think I always tend to look out for any chain strap bags just in case I might strike gold and find a Chanel, but normally they don't amount to much. However, this time, it had the CC logo and Chanel stamped hardware, and for only a fiver! It would be rude not to! Ideally I would have preferred gold over silver metal as I prefer the look of gold, but this is an ideal summer handbag at a bargain price!

I also found a pair of boots that I will post about soon, I haven't had much opportunity to have a look around the chazzas recently so it was nice to be able to do a bit of shopping today. I never find as much in the summer, I suppose because my favourite things to buy from chazzas are jumpers, coats and boots, of which there's a greater selection during the winter. I was also on the lookout for a midi dress, but found nothing I liked; I did see a sweet Topshop denim dress but it was still a tenner which I deemed to be a little too much for what it was. Also every charity shop I went into today seemed to be stiflingly hot, it was a really hot day but none seemed to have any airconditioning working! I felt really sorry for the staff as it wasn't very nice to shop in, let alone work in!

XO Amie
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