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Phone cases by Moschino

I've finally got a new phone and for the first time in the history of having a mobile phone, I've got an iPhone! I wasn't sure if I wanted an iPhone, having remained loyal to HTC pretty much since before smartphones even existed; prior to that I had a few classic Nokia's but never thought I'd go for an iPhone, despite the fact that I really like using the iPad. I guess I just thought it would be too expensive, but as the makes and models get older so the prices come down, and so I won't have to fork out too much on a contract to get the phone I wanted.

The best thing about having an iPhone is the plethora of accessories available! This is a whole new world for me, as HTC phones are quite limited in terms of cases and covers. Not so the iPhone! And who knew you could get designer iPhone covers? Not me...I mean, I'd seen a few bloggers with the Moschino 'McDonald's' collection but I love the little handbag style one, the rabbit and the melted ice cream too! Though these are about £50 each which is crazy money for a phone case. Cute though!

XO Amie
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