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Jewellery from EXCH jewellery via Shpock

I recently became aware of a new mobile app on the market that allows the consumer a new shopping experience. Shpock (shop in your pocket) is a boot sale shopping app that allows you to find items close to you to shop, be they clothes and accessories, books and music, or even cars!

Similar to other apps on the market like Depop or Gumtree, in that you can accrue 'friends' and 'followers', search by category or simply by items closest to you, Shpock really excels by having categories that it's competitors really don't offer, such as 'young designers' which showcases ranges being designed and sold by names that aren't as well known in fashion circles yet.  When I was contacted to try the app, this was the first section I browsed through, and the one of the things that caught my eye was a selection of jewellery by designer Poppy Coy of EXCH jewellery.

Browsing her designs, I was really drawn to the simple, elegant pieces as well as her use of natural materials to product really beautiful and intricate pieces of jewellery. I sent her a message via the app as she lived in London, which was a bit far for me to travel to collect the pieces, but she was happy to post them for a small fee. I made an offer on her items and that was it! I paid through paypal and then a few days later I got the items! 

The pieces are all handmade using semi precious stones such as freshwater pearls, rose quartz and aquamarine, set in a gold plated surround. I love the pearl wrapped ring and the delicate pearl chain bracelet with the chunk of aquamarine is so chic. The prices are really reasonable too; the bracelet cost £18 and the ring was just £8. You can check out her full range on Shpock or on her Etsy shop here.

The app is very easy to use and is free to download for Android (here) and iPhone (here) You can literally spend hours browsing through all the items to buy, but if you want to search for a specific item, you can find it quickly and sort it by price or distance, depending on what best suits you. As regular readers will know, I'm all about the second hand, bargain buys, and by using an app like this to source new to you items, you can really save money.

One of the biggest categories on Shpock is clothing and accessories and it really does have the 'flea market' feel without actually having to rummage through loads of different items to find what you're looking for. You can access the site at any time and it will update with any new items that have been uploaded, of course you can also sign up to sell items too!

I really enjoyed using this app and I will definitely use it again. Have you heard of Shpock before?

XO Amie
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