Charity Shop find of the Week #5

chanel shoes
chanel shoes
vintage chanel shoes
vintage chanel shoes cc

Chanel shoes 99p eBay

So, this isn't strictly a charity shop find, moreover a win from eBay which is another choice place to look for vintage gems. After 5pm, most charity shops, unlike most of the high street nowadays, closes for business, but eBay is always open for a bargain hunt after hours!

I always save searches to keep a check on items I'd like to find and one of those is 'Chanel.' I love Chanel, of course I don't think any girl wouldn't want to own a piece of fashion history; Chanel is the label and those interlocking C's are so iconic.

Browsing the list of items available a couple of weeks ago, I spotted these brown Chanel brogues. They were pretty nondescript, looked fairly plain, and there were no photo's of the CC logo on the back of the heel. They were priced at 99p so after watching them for a week, I put a bid on just in case no one else decided to go for them.

I ended up winning the bidding for 99p, and when the shoes arrived I was totally thrilled with the extra details that I hadn't seen in the listing, such as the CC logo on the heel and the stamped 'Chanel' logo on the leather soles. These shoes are SO me, they are quite grannyish and I know they won't be everyone's cup of tea but I think they are just lovely and the cute block heel and lace up front just adds to that!

I definitely rate eBay for finding gems like this; the only other thing I've bought from eBay that possibly challenges these for awesomeness is a Dior saddlebag which was, conversely, the first thing that I ever bought from the site. There is a lot of junk on there and sometimes you have to take a chance on things, especially if they are of a low price, but it can definitely pay off!

Have you won anything amazing on eBay?

XO Amie
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