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This week I've been super busy with work but have still managed to find time to post some Instagram snaps of my fave things, notably shoes! This week I got a new pair of work sandals and also found a really cool pair of leather chelsea boots in the charity shop. They are showing up quite yellow in the picture but are a really nice tan colour. They are a really nice fit and aren't too high on the ankle so I think they will be good to wear with bare legs and dresses!

Speaking of which, how nice has the weather been this week!? Definite summer sunshine, unfortunately I've had to work quite a bit throughout nicest spells but I have been able to go to the local park to enjoy the sun on my lunch hour which has been lovely.

I made a top this week as well which I will be detailing in my May DIY post and I've also bought a new nail polish; it's the Revlon scented one which I've been seeing everywhere in magazines etc and really wanting to try. I think scented nail varnish is a bit 90's but this one dries to a scent, unlike the ones I remember having as a teen which smelled like a heady mix of nail polish and some overpowering fragrance like orange whilst you were applying it, and then dried to leave nothing but a headache as it was so potent! Updated for 2014, these ones (well, the one I've tried) are really nice and despite being a bit pointless, the colour is great so that's the main thing!

I also got the Glossybox Collaboration box this week which turned out to be a joint effort between Glossybox and Superdrug. I've heard mixed reviews on the contents of the boxes but mine was really good; only one product I won't use out of all the things I got which is great! I'll post a full review soon!

XO Amie
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