Saturday Etsy Picks

Etsy is a platform I've not used in a little while. I did think about opening an Etsy store some while ago to sell vintage clothing, which I might still do; I've got so much but I can't seem to give it to charity shops as I know I can't get it back, vintage is vintage and it's hard to replace if you suddenly decide you will wear that item you've been holding on to for years. However, it's not good to have heaps of stuff I don't wear, so perhaps I will have a sort through and put some up for sale.

Of course, I clearly wouldn't waste time in replacing anything I sold, as Etsy is a veritable treasure trove of incredible pieces at very realistic prices. The only downside can sometimes be the shipping costs, especially if coming from overseas. A ten minute browse unearthed the items above which range in price from £11-£29. I love the vintage strappy sandals, and the white blouse is so pretty. Also, who doesn't need a cable knit cardigan?! 

What I also love about Etsy is the plethora of new and upcoming designers selling their wares. The incredible fern-printed sunglasses case is such a piece; I love how it's so unusual and unlike anything I've seen on the high street.

Do you shop on Etsy? What do you think of it?

XO Amie
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