Glossybox April Edition

april glossybox
april glossybox
emite makeup brush
me me me highlighter
tresemme dry shampoo
monuspa massage oil
he shi fake tan

Contents: April's Glossybox

With the SoukSouk box I had to review in April, Glossybox got a little left out, hence why I am just reviewing this April box when the May box has already been dispatched! As you might remember from previous posts, I am about to unsubscribe from Glossybox, as I really don't feel that it's worth the outlay for the products I get, I keep getting things I won't use and so it doesn't really seem worth it. I was disappointed with April's box, it was my last free one thanks for the Glossydots I've been collecting, although I still have enough for one more free box (when I've reviewed this one on the site) but between this box arriving and having enough points for the next freebie, I've had to pay for one in between. The May box has been really hyped on Facebook, with Glossybox claiming to have partnered up with a large brand to offer 4 full sized products in the May edition, so that will be interesting to see, and at least it means I should get my money's worth!

Anyway, back to Aprils box. The one thing about Glossybox that really irritates me is that they go on and on about tailoring products to suit you, and sending you things you'll like, but this has to be the third or fourth box I've received that contains fake tan, when I've repeatedly told them I don't use/want fake tan. This fake tan is by a brand I've never heard of, called 'he-shi', it's a unisex fake tan. Well, there's no way in a million years Adrian would ever use fake tan, I can't think of many, actually make that any men I know who would use a fake tan, so this is another pointless product which will no doubt end up in the bin. It's irritating because every time I review products on their site and they ask if it was a useful product or if I liked it, I always write 'no' but despite my best efforts, more fake tan. What's the betting the May box will contain a full sized fake tan?!

This aside, the rest of the box wasn't a complete write off, the Tresemme dry shampoo was something I almost bought a couple of weeks ago so this is handy as I wanted to try it. Likewise the Emite make up brush is something I will definitely use, but the massage oil and pink highlighter are further clangers unfortunately. I tried the highlighter but found it to be far too glittery for the type of face that I like to wear, so that's a no no, and I haven't attempted the oil.

All in all, a rather uninspired effort from Glossybox as seems to be the way of it at the moment. I am definitely not going to carry on the subscription after June's box, unless they make big changes!

XO Amie
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