How to wear Vintage Part #2

whitepepper dress
whitepepper dress vintage boots
whitepepper check dress
vintage boots
vintage boots jacket whitepepper dress
ombre halo braid
whitepepper dress vintage boots
marc jacobs watch vintage bag

Wearing: The Whitepepper dress Jumble sale jacket Vintage jewellery Marc Jacobs watch Vintage bag (charity shop) Vintage boots (eBay)

I spoke briefly about how I like to wear vintage a couple of posts back, where I focused on accessories. I am wearing a lot of vintage in this look, but the majority of it, again, is made up of accessories, which are the easiest way I find to channel that vintage vibe in a look. I am always on the lookout for random items when charity shopping or jumble sale-ing; this amazing top handle bag is a Clarks vintage number I found in a local charity shop for around £4. I bought the jacket at a jumble sale, it is made of fleece (classic!) but the cut of it, the buttons and the natty leather trim, as well as that collar and the colour of the thing, seem like it was made for me. It cost 20p I think. Twenty Pence. What a find! So granny-chic.

To try and add a bit of cool to this look (ha) I am wearing a dress by The Whitepepper, which is a really hip London brand. They sell on ASOS as well as their own website and thanks to an ASOS sale I was able to pick this up at a reduced price. I really like the small check pattern and the dress is quite a thick material which means it feels appropriate to wear it with bare legs, the flannel fabric and full length sleeves mean I am able to get my legs out for the first time this year!

Finally to add a bit more edge I added these ankle boots which I found on eBay. They are vintage Italian suede with a perfect day-height heel, and I paid £14.99 for them. I think they are so lovely and will go with so many of my favourite looks. Some people are a bit weird about the whole second hand shoe thing but it doesn't faze me at all; it just means there's a bigger selection for me to choose from! I often find vintage shoes fit me better, my feet are quite narrow and a lot of high street shoes seem to fit too wide. And lets be honest, for £14.99 you'd barely get a pair of plastic boots in Primark!

My hair is now long enough to halo-braid round my entire head in one piece, which is amazing, I had been doing two separate plaits and crossing them over at the top but I just tried to plait it the other day to get it out of my face and literally threw it on top of my head and stuck some pins in it, and was quite pleased with the result! It's the easiest style to wear and looks quite nice I think!

XO Amie

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