Charity Shop Find of the Week #3 / How to Wear Vintage

vintage umbrella
vintage umbrella, vintage sunglasses
ghost chair, vintage umbrella
vintage sunglasses

Vintage brolly £3.99 Vintage sunglasses 99p local charity shop

This was going to be a simple 'charity shop find of the week' post but I also wanted to use these finds as an example of how easy it is to incorporate vintage items into your look. Friends often tell me that it's hard to wear vintage pieces without looking too ironic; and that's true, it can be difficult to find vintage clothing that sits easily with your own look, especially if it is from a very specific era. For example, today I tried on an incredible 80's Ungaro dress in a charity shop which actually fitted fairly well, it was a steal at £4.99 but I left it behind because I would never realistically wear it apart from to a costume party! I almost bought it for my friend Vix but it was black, and she never wears black, so I decided to let another vintage loving bargainista snap it up. I can't really wear much from the 80's; those oversized shapes don't really suit me at all and the 80's/90's pegged jean thing makes my head spin a little. Great to restyle for a grunge trend, but that's not me, so I tend to swoop on anything 60's/70's ish that I can find. I particularly like the cuts of the 60's; shift dresses, little jackets, peter pan collars and loafer type shoes are my favourites. 

If you are new to vintage shopping, I would recommend to start out with accessories. Simple items that you can find relatively inexpensively but that can really add another element to your look. I'm no stylist, and I can only go on what I know and what I have learnt over the years I've been a vintage shopper, but accessories are the easiest items to wear if you are uncertain about the look of an entirely vintage ensemble. They've also been some of my best buys!

Today I found a really cool pair of sunglasses, which have tiny lion's heads on the frames. They cost 99p. Most charity shops have a good selection of sunnies, especially at this time of year, and despite having to have a good old rummage through last year's Primark cast offs, it was worth it! They could probably do with a really good clean, I washed them with warm soapy water but I think I will need to use a metal cleaner on the lions as they are a little rusty. But worth the effort for the price and how lovely they are!

I also picked up something I've never charity shopped before, and that is the vintage brolly. I would never have thought to look for a brolly in a chazza, but there was a load on one of the shelves at the back and the unusual handle on this one made me pick it up. I have a (rather flimsy) brolly from H&M but this one is so much more chic! It feels very sturdy and I can always re-waterproof it with hairspray if age has affected it's waterproof ability!

What have you been buying in the charity shops lately?

XO Amie
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