birkenstock arizona sandal white spartoo
There's a real thing going on at the moment for ugly shoes. I mean, properly chunky, unattractive, functional (occasionally) and not at all pretty looking shoes. Case in point is the Birkenstock; I never thought I'd like a shoe like this; I tend to prefer a more dainty style, but maybe because fugly shoes are everywhere at the moment, they have started to seem more appealing-the best of a bad bunch, if you will!

I really rate a comfy shoe; many's the time I've had a day/evening ruined by the insupportable pain of uncomfortable shoes, which I can only liken to toothache; irritating, wearisome and likely to make me annoyed. I can't go so far as these 90's canvasy boot things, nor the flatform trainers, having sported both of these first time around, but a simple Birkenstock I can cope with. I think the key to an ugly shoe is to ensure a streamlined look by keeping the rest of the outfit fairly plain, and additionally to choose a neutral shade for your shoe; black or white work really well and are much less difficult to try and pull off than rainbow brights.

Fashion is a funny thing, there are definitely moments in time when fashion and function aren't a total paradox and this is summer seems to be one of them; I'm definitely going to make the most of it!

XO Amie
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