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Souk Souk Green Beauty Box

Organic, natural and free from nasty things are qualities that all skin care and makeup should offer, but all too often they are crammed with parabens and other unpronounceable and certainly un-spellable ingredients which claim to do good things but actually may not be. I had long associated natural products to be expensive and hard to find and so when I got my hands on this Souk Souk beauty box I thought it would be good to share it in case any one had heard of the brand and wanted to learn more, or, like me, had no idea about their existence!

I actually won this box during a challenge at the Bath in Fashion Blogger's preview day, which I blogged about here. I had an amazing day and to win this prize was just the icing on the cake! I didn't have a chance to have a proper look at it until I got home, but I was aware of the basic premise from the box lid; a beauty subscription box filled with 'green' treats.

On opening the box, it became clear that this was more than just a beauty box. It did contain 5 differing products, but also a magazine and a small buying guide showcasing logos to look out for when buying beauty products and a small key about understanding labels and what ingredients actually mean. For example, 'triclosan' sounds like something you'd spot on the back of a jar of hand sanitiser, but I had no idea that this ingredient is actually a registered pesticide! Definite food for thought.

Of course there is also another card in the box detailing each product you get and how to use it; the layout and contents is very similar to Glossybox and I'll be comparing the two in my Glossybox post next week. But the real crux of the box comes with the products, you get 5 different items and the box is priced pretty much in line with Glossybox at £10 +p&p which I think is £2. The real different comes with the brands included. Glossybox often includes high street and occasionally high end brands in their boxes, and Souk Souk contains brands that I've never heard of, not even one. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing; it just sharply highlights the difficulty in finding properly ethical and 'green' products in the marketplace. Souk Souk say: 

'We are a green beauty box company with a mission to help our customers to greenify their beauty regimes, one beauty box at a time!'

If this is their ethos I think they will succeed; I'm already interested and I've not tried all of the products yet! The items I did get were all products I'll use and there were no tiny perfume samples or hopeless false eyelashes, but items that I would be happy to include in my everyday beauty routine.

The item I've most used so far has been the Chain Bridge Honey Farm heather honey lip balm. I also got a heather honey soap in the box which I'm excited to try (if I can bare to unwrap it, it's so pretty!) Made from beeswax from the Northumberland based honey farm, both these products are lovely and I've used the lip balm almost daily since I got it!

There were two other skincare products, both of which I'm yet to try, those being the Green People Age Defy+ exfoliator and the Bloom Remedies Daily Revive moisturiser. The moisturiser is packaged beautifully, and the exfoliator is the one product that doesn't look 'natural' by dint of it's packaging, though it of course is! There was also a pretty eyeshadow by Bohemian Chic Minerals which is a cruelty free, vegan mineral product. It's a lovely colour and I can't wait to try it out!

I have decided to unsubscribe to Glossybox as I really don't feel I'm getting the most from my money with them; however I am going to think about a subscription to Souk Souk as I do feel these products seem more useful and beneficial than the Glossybox ones. But the jury's still out!

Have you heard of Souk Souk before? What do you think of this service?

XO Amie
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