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Team Fashion Vultures: Sophie, Lily, me, Hayley, Jess

On Sunday, I visited Bath to take part in a Bath in Fashion blogger day. Sort of a warm up for the event itself, the lovely Gina (who took the snap above) acted as host for the day and had arranged a really exciting itinerary for us. We met at the gorgeous Royal Crescent Hotel which has just been refurbished and is looking incredible. We used the beautiful gardens for a spot of photography!

First up, we were given a talk by Nicky Hancock who is a member of the team organising Bath in Fashion. She walked through the different elements of the event and what was on offer this year, stand out events for me included talks by both Meadham Kirchoff and Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame.

Next, we were split into teams, and had to go on a fashion scavenger hunt around Bath. we had been given a list of trends and had to find items pertaining to the trends in various stores, and then instagram them with specific hashtags. Points meant prizes, and for wearing the garments you got more points, hence my team running from shop to shop trying on all manner of random items in a bid to be victorious-and we were! We were thrilled to win and our prize was a beauty box by organic brand Souk Souk, each. I'm actually going to dedicate a post to a review of this so watch out for that!

After the challenge had come to an end, we met back at the Fashion Museum to have a look around whilst Gina totted up the scores. I'd been to the museum not long before Christmas, so I wasn't sure if there would be much more to see, but a few of the exhibits had been updated and there was a small selection of looks worn by Princess Diana, with letters she'd written to David Emmanuel. I don't know if this was new or if I'd just missed it last time, but I enjoyed looking at it this time around.

Also new was 'dress of the year' which had only been installed two days before our visit! This exhibit is a dress chosen by a person in the field of fashion which they believe epitomises the previous year. So 2013's dress of the year is: Christopher Kane, chosen by Style Bubble blogger, Susie Lau. It's an interesting choice and very current; Susie is famed for her love of bright colour and intereseting fabrics so I wasn't surprised to see these were well represented in her choice!

I had such a lovely day; we were told to wear comfortable shoes as there was quite a considerable amount of walking to do during the day so I wore a midi skirt from ASOS White with a Gap knit and Topshop chelsea boots-first time I'd got my legs out this year! It was a glorious day, too; perfect for pottering around the streets of Bath. We were also given amazing goodie bags after the event which contained gifts from Anthropologie, (which is opening in Bath in May) Liz Cox, Weleda and BiOrganics; amazing!

XO Amie
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