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I probably went through a phase of having everything matching when I was a bit younger, but I don't so much go for that look now. I tend not to like to look to 'put together' in my style; I think it's interesting if something is a little off or unexpected. I remember seeing girls in clubs wearing a black skirt and top with a hot pink belt, court shoe, bag, and piece of jewellery and really wondering why matching colours was so important; it didn't seem to have any impact to me, rather, a statement piece, for example, a brightly coloured shoe, was lost amongst a sea of other accessories in that exact shade.

It's very clear to me that 'matchy matchy' is back for 2014 but I love the 'new co-ords' that are coming through which are a little bit edgier. I saw a few in gignham and denim, very cute but also very high summer, festival chic, and what about now? Pieces that you can wear together or separately, that work hard for the money. A gingham short, whilst undeniably very sweet, won't necessarily work away from 'holiday mode' (unless you have cracking pins) and couldn't really be dressed down all that easily for day.

I tried to find co-ords from different online locations but Toppers has really nailed it this season, so the above all come from there. The first two are in the sale; I love the navy sateen set which is definitely cool enough to wear together but also would happily work as separates. The dark colour and floral embroidery is very 'anti Spring' which seems to be a trend so, hey, go for that. And a bargain too!

The leather set is a little bit beyond me but in a 'so ridiculous it's awesome' way. This takes floaty summer frocks and kicks them firmly in the seat, it's very left field, especially being leather and not only leather but snakeskin and coloured; talk about shoehorning three trends into one! Actually, possibly 4 trends if you consider that there is definitely colourblocking in the mix too! I do like how different this is; it needs someone to wear it and take charge, I think, as it is such a statement piece.

Finally, I clocked this orange set and immediately thought it would look great with metallics, I love metallics in the summer and this citrusy set would look spellbinding with silver. Easier to wear than the leather, for sure, the skirt would look amazing also with a navy cropped knit and the top would easily pep up white skinny jeans.

Twosies are a challenging look but if you get the right one, it can actually provide you with multiple outfit options and really inject a little bit of interest into your wardrobe. What do you make of this trend?

XO Amie
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