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This week I actually got around to making a decent DIY for a blog post as opposed to the last one I did, the collar top which I felt was a bit of a cop out. I think I have made up for it with the latest DIY though, which is a box top with sleeves and a collar. It was fairly straightforward to make but I ended up making it quite short in the body so I kind of wish it had been longer; however, I'll save those thoughts for the actual blog post which I'll try and publish this week!

Topshop has enabled me to buy two pairs of shoes this week, one of which are going back (the strappy gladiators; they're really uncomfortable) and the chelsea boots (lovely and essentially free as bought with vouchers). Not really sure why I am buying boots when there's allegedly a heatwave en route, but I'll believe that when I see it!

I also wore this super cute blouse this week but I haven't posted the look yet, it's coming up but I wanted to share the link because so many people have asked where it's from. I got it from a website called TB Dress and it's very reasonably priced, check it out here.

XO Amie
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