Saturday Swoon c/o M&S

Marks and Spencer Leopard Print Shoes

M&S have really started to rethink their brand demographic of late, or so it would seem, because all of a sudden, there are pieces grabbing my attention from every collection they launch. I've talked about M&S in posts before, but I've always felt that there would maybe be only a handful of standout pieces per season, perhaps key investments that they've done really well, such as coats or leathers. But all of a sudden, instead of the odd item, I'm finding I'm after the entire range!

Of course, they are still capable of launching a 'must have' piece and for me, if I could only buy one item from the new collection, it would be these sandals. I have a thing for leopard print anyway, so to see it reworked in multiple colours and with several layers of shades, makes it interesting, offbeat and updated. 

It's not only the print I love on these; I think the shape is absolutely perfect for spring and summer. I tend not to go for sandals with ankle straps, but I would wear these with the trouser shape of the season-the boyfriend jean-and then an ankle strap accentuates rather than cuts off. The heel, whilst really high, is the block shape which makes them wearable for everyday and the slim platform front refreshes the shape and adds interest.

The price point on these is insane, too; just £35 making them a perfect seasonal purchase.

Well played, M&S! I'll enjoy looking at the other footwear offerings that they release this season!

XO Amie
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