clarks susie deva
clarks smart deva

Top: Susie Deva Bottom: Smart Deva

You might remember that I got the second pair of shoes pictured above, from Clarks last year. I love them; they are perfect for everydy, as they aren't too high, they have a block heel and I love the tuch of metallic which I am fast beginiing to consider a new neutral to add to the palette of my favoured shades. They are still available on the Clarks website here and I can vouch for their comfort!

For my #WednesdayWant this week, I am thinking about getting this similar style, called 'Susie Deva.' I think they're quite similar in shape to the Zara pair that I pretty much wore constantly last year (see them in my blog header photo!) but these are open toed which I think would be nice for summer.  I know they're black, which is the least likely of summer colours, but given my penchant for this shade I think it would make these shoes very easy to wear with most of my favourite looks!

I always feel that as soon as the sun comes out I should start thinking about when I can go barefoot again and wear a sandal...is April too early? I feel like it's not warm enough yet, but surely it can't be much longer? Do you have a deadline for when it's appropriate to get your toes out?

XO Amie
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