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Products I have used up: No.7 Cleansing Body Polish // Label. M Organic Lemongrass Conditioner // Botanics Brightening Day Cream // Botanics Radiant Youth Serum // TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protector //

As it turns out, this is the first 'empties' post of 2014! I have tried to save up the products that I've finished over the last few weeks, I am such a bad (attmepted) beauty blogger because I'm sure 'proper' beauty bloggers do these sorts of posts every month or even every few weeks, but I can't get through stuff that quickly, hence the sporadicity of these posts!

Some things that I have finished up over the last few weeks are definitely worthy of a blog post; as regular readers will know, I rave about the Boots Botanics range in most of my hauls/empties/forever repurchased blog posts and hence it's no surprise that two products from the range feature here. The Radiant Youth serum is just a lovely primer, it sinks in quickly and I used it morning and night prior to moisturiser to allow the products to work harder. In the morning it makes for a great base and in the evening it seems to omit the oiliness that sometimes follows a night cream. It's about £6 I think and totally worth it as this small bottle lasted ages.

The Botanics day cream has already been repurchased, I bought the brightening one again when it was on offer (I think it was half price but this range always seems to be on offer, so you can try it out without too much of an outlay) My friend Maddie bought the night version of this product after hearing me going on about it on my blog and she loves it, so it really is an affordable and useful bolt-on to your skincare regime. 

Also from Boots is this No.7 Cleansing Body Polish which is basically a souped up exfoliator; I clearly had some Boots money off vouchers to spend so I picked this up. This is a little more pricey, I can't remember exactly but I think it is about £9, as it was skincare the voucher entitled me to a fiver off so it was only £4 which is more doable. This was ok, I liked it, I finished it so I clearly didn't hate it but it was a bit of a 'meh' product really; it didn't last very long and it definitely didn't give as good exfoliation as a body brush or loofah would have done, probably for less than half the cost as well. I did like the scent and the packaging (such a sellout) and it was handy to try so I know what it's like but I probably won't rebuy this. Perhaps I'll get a loofah instead.

The Label.M Organic Conditioner was a competition prize, so I'm not sure how much it cost, and I did also win the shampoo to go with it which bizarrely hasn't yet run out. Does anyone else suffer this enigma when it comes to shampoo/conditioner? They never run out in tandem, one simply decides it will last much longer than the other. Usually it's the shampoo that bites the dust first but for some reason the conditioner gave up the ghost this time. This was an interesting set; I've not used Label.M before but I have heard a lot about the brand; I liked the scent but didn't find the product to be very moisturising, especially on my lions mane of hair. At present I'm using a crummy Boots own brand shampoo/conditioner which is pretty useless so can anyone recommend decent products for very long, thick hair? My hair tangles so easily and because of the blonde it can get very dry; any ideas?

The final product is here by default, really, I had over half left but dropped the bottle and the remainder all but spilled out! It's a heat defender spray and I loved it; it smelled great and definitely made my hair feel softer and not at all crispy or weird like some products can do. I only bought this because it was on offer (recurring theme here) but I will definitely buy some more; it was really easy to use and as I blowdry my hair after washing (if I left it to dry naturally it would a) be a massive frizzbro and b) take about a week) so I definitely recommend this if you have long hair and have to use heat styling tools on it. I also used it on my fringe as I usually straighten that (to dismiss the inevitable Crystal Tipps comparisons) and it doesn't make it greasy=winner

XO Amie
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