Instagram Week #11

Misty evenings // Tea and biscuits // Clarks brogues // Sunday stroll // Skate shoes // Harbourside // Sunny skies // Fave necklace and perfume // Looking for a new bag

It makes such a change to see my Instagram feed dominated with sunny skies as opposed to continuous pictures of shoes! I spent all week at work last week and all weekend in the sunshine, which was lovely. I went into town to do some shopping on Saturday but didn't see anything I liked, typical! 

Adrian had Sunday off too so we decided to walk to a carboot sale which was probably about half an hour or so away. It was such a gorgeous day that it didn't even matter that the carboot was hopeless; proper tat and grubby and vile stuff at that! Adrian pointed out that it's probably eBay that has orchestrated the downfall of car boot sales; most of the stuff on offer was more fit for the bin than anything else! Ruth Rendell VHS anyone?!

I'm on the lookout for a backpack, too, which I think will be really handy for using everyday and also for holidays. I've also considered some alternatives like this cool bucket bag, but I like the idea of a backpack being less hassle to carry and less likely to dislocate my shoulder. Any ideas where I can find a lovely one?

XO Amie
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