Leopard Print: just another neutral...

Topshop Sian Leopard Print Shoe Boot

Topshop 'Sian' leopard print shoe boots here

Right, I've had a hankering for a pair of leopard print boots for an absolute age. Call me dramatic, but I'm not just saying it: See here for a post from May 2010, in which I created a 'dream wardrobe' lust list (and I would still wear most of what I selected back then, now; though I have moved on from my harem pant obsession which definitely defined that year) in which I feature a pair of Mentor leopard print wedge boots.  I was bloody obsessed with those boots, if I found them ever again I would buy them forthwith, notwithstanding the supersonic price tag, but it's been a regret that I didn't purchase them since as I talk about them in two further posts and then two years later I'm still harping on about them.

To wit, the point of this blog post. Cast your eyes over the shoe boots above. Alexa-y enough to wear with denim jean shorts? Edgy enough to work with a summer dress? Block heel made all the more wearable via the natty platform front? Check, check, check. I haven't decided whether to commit to buying them yet; annoyingly they seem only to be available online, at least, not in any stores near me. I more than like the look of them, though; and I seem to think that leopard print consists just another neutral shade, to work with all the other neutral shades I like and also to bring something else to any look: print! Yes, these could be the ones for me; I'll keep you posted!

XO Amie

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