An Escaped Mentor...

Well, what a suprise, it's raining again and so the chance of an outfit post was scuppered, however I thought I would show you an image that's been languishing in my "wanted" file on my laptop for aeons. Actual years, in fact-I contemplated buying these boots when I was living in Devon which was over a year and a half ago now (how time flies!) Anyway, aren't they lovely. They are by a lable called Mentor which I'd never heard of before I stumbled across them on day on, a website that I very much use as a reference point rather than a shopping experience because, hey, we're in a recession and I can't be shopping on there daily, (daily?! pah! Yearly!) well, not on my wage anyway! But it's a useful site to scope out what's new, catch a look at the latest trends and, apparently, fill folders on my netbook with images of things I really, really want but can't afford. These retailed at £280, and I did seriously consider buying them (at the time I had a voucher, which I spent on jewellery insead) but I still kind of wish I had bought them because I look at them now and love them as much now as when I first saw them. It's funny, I've got things in my wardrobe which I regret buying because it's turned out to be a one-wear-wonder and as such a waste of money, and whilst expensive, I don't think these would have been. There are so many looks I can think of to put these boots with and everyone knows I love a bit of leopard print!
When I did a quick google search for these boots I found the actual page from the My-Wardrobe website, and whaddaya know, they'd been reduced to £45-sadly long since sold out but I wish I'd thought to keep checking up on them. Never mind....the other thing I found when googling them was that this boot, in this form, still exists but I can't find a leopard print version-over on Brandosa I found a nude suede pair for £90 which are worth considering but the fact that they are nude suede instantly puts me off as to be worn in our Great British Summer they'll soon be covered in mud splashes and rain drops and I'm not spending £90 on ruining a good pair of boots!
What do you think of these? Is there anything you really wished you bought, nut never did?
XO Amie
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Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

they're really great boots!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

ps. check out my worldwide giveaway!

Ellie M said...

I love them. I'm pretty sure Primark had (have?) a similar pair, perhaps you could find them somewhere :) xx

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