Wearing: Primark dress and hat, Zara shoes, Marni x H&M leather jacket, Marc Jacobs watch, Vintage jewellery

I haven't really got into the tartan trend this year, I think because I don't wear a lot of red, and tartan predominantly seems to use that shade as its base. I bought this green, navy and black check dress in Primark ages ago; I've kind of been waiting to wear it because it's the dress that everyone and their dog bought but I thought I'd crack it out over Christmas because it's festive without being too gaudy and the fit is quite good, it would probably be better on a lady with a more ample bosom than I as sadly it seems to gape a lot at the bust, hence the jacket!

Ah, the jacket! This was my Christmas present from Adrian, the Marni x H&M collaboration jacket of dreams. Yes, another jacket to add to the collection; I'm well aware they probably definitely account for more than half of my wardrobe (I think I have about 4 pairs of jeans in total, a couple of pairs of trousers, about 5 skirts, a handful of tops, loads of jumpers and at least 150 jackets. That might be an exaggeration but it's truly, only a slight one.) I've actually got a jacket in this tartan, but of course I didn't wear it with the dress for fear of looking like a crazed tartan obsessee!

My shoes are aeons old from Zara, I got them in the sales in the summer for £20 and put them away to wear over Christmas. I wore them on New Year's Eve and they were so comfortable, perfect for dancing in! Which is what I appear to be doing in the last picture!

I'm organising a 'best of the sales' post which will be up soon, have you been shopping much in the sales? I think the January sales seem to be a bit of an enigma these days; it's much more common for shops to start their reductions before Christmas or, at the very latest, boxing day. Which is good because now loads of places are at 70% off and I've just been paid. Yippee!

XO Amie
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