Love, Moschino

Ahh, a new year. I love the start of a new year when you get a new diary and can start organising yourself; I always love my diary or planner until about 3 weeks in when I've had to cross something out or spelt something wrong and then I don't have to keep using my best handwriting every time I use it!

With the thought of organisation in mind I feel it might be useful to procure a new purse this year. I've used the same Louis Vuitton number for as long as I remember (probably nearing a decade) and it's looking decidedly tatty now, despite having held up sublimely well over the years. Quality, you see, is a worthwhile investment, even if I did pick that one up in a charity shop! It's funny, I used to buy a purse every couple of months because I'd get bored with the one I had or I didn't find it held enough, or was too big, but finding the right one is like hitting the jackpot. I hadn't really thought about replacing old LV, until I clapped eyes on this beautiful Love Moschino number. It's such a lovely pale grey colour, which is what really attracted me to it, I do like a bit of colour but there's something to be said for a neutral, especially in an investment bag or purse. My LV is dark brown and has looked smart with pretty much every bag I own, and grey is the same, such a multitasker!

Neutrals don't have to be boring, either. I really like the design on this purse, the drawing reminds me of the Palace of Versailles or somewhere equally as regal and the logo isn't too overt. I think this is the type of purse that allows a touch of subtle luxury to any look, and although it isn't cheap, I think it would be a keeper lasting for years to come.

What do you look for when buying a new purse?

XO Amie
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