Seaside Sunset

Wearing: Vintage rain mac (£5, charity shop) Whistles trousers, H&M bowler, Zara tee, Vintage loafers, jewellery from Accessorize, Dogeared, and vintage

Last Thursday (I think!) I headed over to Weston to see my mum and dad. It was so lovely to catch up with them and my mum is great at taking outfit pictures as you can see! It was so cold when we went out to take the snaps but there was a beautiful sunset over the sea so it was worthwhile!

I bought this rain mac in a charity shop a few weeks ago and I've worn it loads since because, erm, it's not stopped raining for about, oh, a year. I don't mind the rain so much except when I have to go out in it, but it's become less of a chore in this natty mac. I've never owned something so practical as well as being fashionable, usually they are the antithesis of each other so to find something that fulfills both needs is quite the enigma.

These are my second favourite pair of loafers, I feel very Alexa Chung in them. I think I bought them from eBay, they were only a few pounds and are so cute. My actual favourite pair are very similar, except the heel is slightly lower and the leather is much softer-generally they are much more beaten up than this pair, but I wore them the other day and BOTH heel tips peeled unceremoniously off (luckily I was en route home.) Why does that happen?! One would have been bad enough! Anyway, they've now been relegated to the 'mending' pile (meaning I'll have to take them to the cobblers at some point, which really is a load of cobblers as shoemenders are so bloody expensive! I'd best buy a new pair, except I'd never find one I liked as much! I am still mourning a pair of wicker loafers that I had to throw out last year [they went rotten in our old house which was quite damp] and to this day I wish I hadn't chucked them, even though they were probably beyond help-I've never found any as nice and I am always looking)

I was definitely too cold to wear these shoes, in all honesty, and I've now invested in a pair of boots to wear for the rest of the winter (or until the sun comes out again.) I have a bunion on my foot (UGH) and the cold weather makes it incredibly painful. So it's back to brogues and tights or boots and socks for the foreseeable! No more bare legs or exposed feet, which makes me a little sad but I'll console myself with the thought that it's soon Christmas and before I know it, the Spring 2014 fashion magazines will be out and I'll be thinking about what I want to wear for SS14!

XO Amie
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