Knee High

Boots, boots, boots! Every year it's the same story; I spend ages hunting around for a pair I really like, find some, and then promptly find a pair I like better! I have recently bought a lovely pair of ankle boots, which I absolutely adore and have worn a lot, but I keep seeing knee high boots everywhere. Now, I'm not really a knee high boot wearer; I'm quite short and they tend to make me look a bit stumpy. I've seen a few pairs in charity shops around and about, but alas, nothing in my size!

I think my perfect black knee boot would look a little something like the above, but perhaps with a bit more of a heel. I like the idea of a riding boot, which would be perfect for everyday, but I think something with a blockier heel would look even more elegant.

This cute pair come from Gant, and, as I always refer to texture in my looks, I love the mixture of suede and leather that this pair combine. The slim strap and buckle detail also add another element of interest and make these so much more than a pair of basic boots.

 How to wear these knee high lovelies? I would choose to tuck my skinnies into them for a streamlined shape and wear a looser knit top to contrast with the slim bottom half. I'm not sure I could pull them off with a skirt, but with a pair of sleek black jeans I think they'd really work. And keep my legs warm!

What do you think of knee high boots?

XO Amie
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