Instagram Week #15

FBH yummy biscuit // Gorgeous textures at the Fashon Bloodhound event // New ballroom shoes // Pretty Bath lights // Skinny jeans and ankle boots // Breakfast in the sun // Mince pie and a brew // Pretty vintage compact // Fashion Bloodhound haul!

Wow, what a busy week I've just had! You might be able to tell by the sporadic nature of this week's posts; I've been ever so busy with work and also attended an event on Wednesday evening (post here) as well as catching up with friends on my other day off and also spending time with Adrian and taking part in my favourite hobby, latin and ballroom dancing. It's a wonder I'm able to fit in any blog posts at all, but I do really adore writing the posts when I'm not having to rush to do so! I took lots of Instagram pics this week so this is just a small selection of what I posted through the past few days.

The event I attended was a wonderful winter showcase from Fashion Bloodhound, I love these events as it gives me a chance to buy designer items at a high street price tag! I snapped up a couple of pretty skirts, and a lovely Twenty8Twelve blouse for just £5! Amazing. I was also lucky enough to get a goodie bag which had all sorts of lovely treats inside, not least this scrummy biscuit!

I really enjoy latin and ballroom dance and I had to buy a new pair of shoes this week as my other pair were looking somewhat forlorn. I chose black ones this time and they are so pretty. The heel isn't as elegant as on my other pair (these were a cheaper version) but I hope they will be comfortable and easy to dance in!

I've also finally invested in a sensible pair of black ankle boots, and, oh my, I am noticing such a difference in warmth! I wore some slipper shoes the other day, albeit with tights, and my feet were still freezing. These boots are lovely and keep my toes toasty which is definitely what is needed at the moment, apparently it's set to get colder still so these are to be an integral part of my everyday wardrobe!

There's also no escaping the fact that Christmas is creeping up slowly, the Christmas lights in Bath were so pretty I had to take a snap of them, and I've bought the first box of the season's mince pies to have with a cup of tea, how festive! It's Adrian's birthday next week so I am trying to hold off the Christmas spirit until after that, then it's Christmas jumpers a go-go!

Despite the wintry weather, there's still room for a little winter sun, which came streaming through my window one day last week. I had to go and sit in bed to eat my breakfast because the sun was so bright and warming and I just had to make the most of it!

Hope you've had a good week too!

XO Amie

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