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Last week I got my hair done, instead of my usual darker shades for winter I opted for a bit more blonde, which I think looks really nice alongside all the neutral colours I always wear! I always look so pale and tired in the winter and sometimes dark hair really exacerbates this. So lighter it is, this time!

I couldn't wait to wear this beautiful tulip skirt I got from Brag Vintage. They're a vintage retailer (heck, e-tailer!) which sell a lot of really lovely vintage product for very reasonable prices. They have such a huge online selection and the site is really easy to navigate. I fancied a vintage pencil skirt and was met with a plethora of options, before choosing this one, with it's small checks, crossover front and flecked tweed fabric, it's a very modern looking piece. It was a little long for my liking (more like for my height!) but that was nothing a couple of turns of the waistband couldn't solve!

I decided to wear it on my day off last week to go for a walk near a village close to us. I love being in the countryside and, despite the cooling temperatures, it wasn't unbearable and Adrian and I enjoyed spending some time outside! There was a particularly tame squirrel who was very taken with Age and let him snap away without a care, even making a couple of poses before dashing off to cache some nuts!

I love the colours in these pictures, the autumnal shades are so pretty and definitely some of my favourites of the year. Being outside is important to me, I grew up in the countryside and it's vital that I can take time out of the city to breathe in fresh air and get away from all the noise and people rushing around. It's so pleasant to be able to escape all that, even if only for an hour or so.

XO Amie
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