GlossyBox: The November Edition

Contents: November's Glossybox

I was actually pleasantly suprised with the contents of the November Glossybox. After a couple of the last boxes I have received being a bit of a letdown, I was pleased with the items I found in the November selection. I don't normally bother to look at the prices of each of the items that you get, as normally they give the size of the full priced product and I can never be bothered to try to break down the price to relate to the size of the sample you get. Maybe I should, I'm not very good at maths! However, for whatever reason I did notice a couple of the prices of the products this time and was pleased to see that the combined cost of the individual items far outweighs the £10 I pay for the box itself. Whether I would have actually purchased any of these products this month is another question, mind you!

The first thing I saw in the box was the set of 3 Vichy serums. There are two samples of the skin idealiser and a smoothing and illuminating cream. I love skincare and to get premium samples that last for more than one application always make me happy! I am looking forward to trying these out.

The hand cream from Yves Rocher is another product I really like. Apparently this costs just £1.95, which is a real bargain, it smells amazing and is very soothing on my hands. I got the pistachio and cocoa formulation and it's certainly a useful product, my hands get so dry in the winter months that I am bound to use this quickly.

I seem to always get a nail polish in my Glossybox every month, I bought my mum a gift subscription back in the spring and she commented the same thing, but I suppose they are always useful if the shades are nice! This one from B. is actually a very attractive slate grey which I've already worn a couple of times and it lasted fairly well before it chipped (I can only ever imagine gel nails not chipping now that I've tried them, I've just come to expect chips with every other nail polish ever).  This costs £4.99 to buy, I saw on a few other Glossybox reviews that other subscribers got a lovely coppery colour which I probably would have preferred but at least the one I got is very wearable and versatile!

I was excited to get my hands on this Elegant Touch rapid dry spray for nails, too. I've always wanted to try it but never bought it because, although it only costs £3, I never imagine these sort of sprays will actually work! I can report that it does indeed work, which is really cool because there is nothing more annoying than waiting for nail polish to dry. A quick blast with this dries polish in 60 seconds which is ideal-no more flapping your hands around like an idiot. I always seem to paint my nails in the evening, and then go to bed, only to wake up with imprints from the fabric of my duvet smudging out my nail varnish. So, I used this after painting my nails as normal, went to bed, and woke up with perfectly manicured nails, no dents or smudges. I really recommend this and will be using it again!

The final product was this Emite makeup micronized eyeshadow. It's allegedly free of all nasties-parabens, nickel (who knew they put that in eyeshadow?!) and applies very smoothly. At first glance, I thought, great, another highlighter (I don't really use highlight on my skin) but actually when I've swatched it, it's more a nice, soft sandy shade which I think will look great as a base before I put my eyeliner on. My eyes came out on stalks when I saw the price of this: £16.80! and this is the full size! It had better be good for that amount!

I am super excited for the 'Christmas Edition' next month; I still haven't decided whether to let my subscription run into the new year or to cancel it, I do love getting these boxes each month but I wonder whether the money could be better used elsewhere. I'm sure I say this every time I write a Glossybox post! Well, I'll decide after the next one, I think!

XO Amie
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