Instagram Week #16

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Look at this, shaking up the blog by posting my Instagram post mid-week! I forgot I had sheduled my Glossybox post to go live on Monday, when I'd usually put up my Instagram post. But why not shake things up! I am always snapping away on Instagram so I have plenty of shots to choose from! It's a very addictive app, I can't stop using it! (You can follow me here if you'd like to!)

Last week has mostly involved keeping warm, it's suddenly become baltic here in the UK and if this is just a foretaste of the weather to come, I think I need to get another hat! I've been wearing my camel charity shop coat almost every day, well, I actually bought another one on Saturday from a charity shop which has taken its place a little-I'll put a snap up on Instagram if you'd like to see it. It's lovely! Coat obsessed, much? I can't help it, I have a fascination for coats and jackets that far surpasses their intended functionality! I have so many, which I certainly don't need; but I can't help but keep on adding to the collection!

My other obsession this week has been these Wojas boots that I picked up in TK Maxx. They are so comfortable, I usually struggle through winters in smoking slippers and ballet flats because I can never find a pair of boots that I like. Until now! They have barely been off my feet and I can see myself wearing them all winter long.

It's Adrian's birthday today so I am off to spend the day with him!

XO Amie
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