A day out in Bath

Wearing: H&M bowler Quiksilver coat Topshop jeans TK Maxx boots Longchamp bag

Earlier this week I zipped over to the city of Bath for the day with my mum, dad and 2 of my brothers. We spent the morning wandering around the city and enjoyed a leisurely lunch before heading home again. Bath is such a beautiful city and I couldn't help but take some snaps, although I did spend more time shopping and chatting than taking photos, to be honest!

It was absolutely freezing despite the sun being out, I wore some jeans I picked up in the Topshop sale and my Wojas ankle boots which I blogged about last week. I got these from TK Maxx and they're so comfortable, I've worn them pretty much non stop since I got them. I bought this Quiksilver checked coat last year and barely wore it so I thought I would give it a whirl, it's quite smart because it's monochrome and I like the shape of the collar. Unfortch, most of the buttons have fallen off and so instead of being a double breasted coat it's turned into a single breasted one that I've had to just tuck the other side across. Not to mention as well that the cuff is held together with a safety pin! #fashionfail

I wore sunglasses because it was that classic 'winter sun' which was super blinding and quite low in the sky. Needless to say, by the time we'd eaten our lunch I didn't need to wear them anymore; the evenings are drawing in so much faster now. I had such a lovely day out and am looking forward to going back to Bath again soon, it's got so much breathtaking architecture and I hope to try and get a few more pictures of that next time, along with the Christmas lights which are ever so pretty!

XO Amie
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