Easy Outfitting

Easy Outfitting

I mentioned these shoes in a post all of their own a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd feature them again as they are just so cute. A natty little brogue can really lift a basic look and make it something much more special, and I wanted to show an easy daywear look that can be created from just 4 key pieces, the majority of which most of us will already own. 
 1. The tunic dress: These have had a bad rap in the past thanks to our 90's/00's penchant for wearing them over trousers which only ever seems to make them look like scrubs, and also makes even the skinniest person look like the back end of a bus. I suppose with a super skinny trouser, a tunic dress can definitely look a little Left Bank, French chic worn this way, but I've never seemed to be able to master the art. No, I prefer to wear my tunic dresses with a tanned, bare leg. This soft white shoe will complement and add interest to the simple shape and translate the dress easily to daywear.

2. The perfect brogue: Again, see previous post on this shoe for more info! I was quite certain that a white brogue would just be a bit too cabaret but, oh my, they work so hard in the summertime! white and navy always looks so chic and these block heeled beauties from Spartoo definitely have a really clean and sleek aesthetic to them. I love the look of a dress with brogues, too; it lends just enough modernity to stop any hint of frumpiness and also plays to the androgynous trend really well, too. 

3. The cross body bag: A long strap bag is a daywear essential; when you're shopping, the last thing you want to have to do is adjust your handbag from arm to arm or keep hoisting it back up on your shoulder. I think this one is incredible: sizeable and with a hint of leopard print that really peps up the look, you couldn't want for more in a day bag!

4. The statement necklace: Possibly the hardest working accessory in your armory, this is a total style saviour. A plain tee or dress instantly becomes the necessary canvas for a bit of glamour, and it doesn't have to be completely blingy; luxe hardware in brushed gold or silver, a heavy chain or 'breastplate' styling work incredibly well at creating a totally statement silhouette.
Definitely a real 'easy', everyday outfit-my favourite kind! I love being able to pull pieces together quickly and efficiently when I need to, plus it's always a bonus when the items will work hard for you and complement and add weight to your wardrobe. Future classics!
XO Amie 
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