Products I've used up #3

It's been a little while since I last posted a 'product's I've used up' post. I try and save up the items I use as I finish them, especially if I like them and want to shout about them here! I think it's worth waiting until I've got a few to talk about rather than just showing one or two, so here's a little collection to share!

The Body Shop Love Etc is one of my favourite scents, it seems a little cheesy (the concept, not the scent!) and I'm not overly keen on the packaging but I've worn the fragrance for a good few years now, and I like to layer up the scent by using the body lotion too. Sadly it's now been discontinued, although I did discover this lotion and two bottles of the 50ml fragrance in a Body Shop near me-I hardly ever go in but my eagle eye spied the packaging through the door when I was walking past the other day so I dragged Adrian in with me and scooped them up! They were in the sale, the fragrance was £6 instead of £18 and the lotion just £3, even better! I also have the Body Shop loyalty card which allows you a further 10% off. I was so, so pleased to find it, and I know buying two bottles is a little excessive but I know I will wear it so it's a good investment for me!

Speaking of favourite scents, this Philosophy body lotion in Pure Grace is possibly my favourite scent of all time. I absolutely love it. According to the packaging it's supposed to smell like soap and water, a real clean, fresh scent. It doesn't smell like that to me but it has got a particular smell to it that reminds me of something, I'm not sure what, maybe a memory, something I just can't pin down. Whatever, it is amazing. Not only that, it lasts. I can put it on before bedtime and still smell it in the morning. It's eye-wateringly expensive, for what it is; I think the 480ml (which is twice the size of the bottle I have) is about £30, which for a body lotion is, to me, quite frankly insane. However, it does last-Adrian bought me this bottle for Christmas and I've only just run out, it's the sort of thing I ask for as a Christmas gift because it is something I love and use. I use it sparingly and normally only apply it to my arms and shoulders so I can get the full blast of the scent! 

My Botanics All Bright hydrating night cream is another frequent re-purchase. At around £6 (it's usually always on offer) I find this a really good quality night cream for the money and I like the scent and texture.

The No.7 Airbrush Away Primer was a gift with the purchase of something else and having used it up, I'm considering buying the full size with a voucher I've got. It definitely provided a good base for my makeup and helped it to stay put, I still suffer from the shiny T zone by halfway through the day but I'm not sure what, other than powder, will sort this. Any ideas?!

I've never been much of a fake tanner but I got this St Tropez tan free with Elle magazine I think so I thought it would be worth giving it a go. I used it mainly during the summer but have used it a couple of times weekly since, just to stop my legs looking like paper whilst I'm still able to get away with not wearing tights. I must say having used this and a Rodial fake tan, high end fake tan products are so much better. I've tried the cheap ones and they do always make my skin go orange, and they stink. Not so with these ones, though you do have to be prepared to pay the extra for the result.

Speaking of Rodial, I managed to get my hands on the lauded 'bee venom moisturiser' which I received in a goody bag from an event. I really liked this, even if the name initially put me off, but the texture was lovely and it made my skin very soft. I don't think I would be able to afford the full size but it's nice to have the opportunity to try the product, and if I win the lottery perhaps I'll treat myself!

The Pukka facial serum was a Glossybox item, and whilst not attracted by the packaging, or the name, the product was actually really good. It's a translucent serum which reminds me a little of Aloe Vera gel, it's very soothing and, again, preps the skin nicely for makeup application. I loved using this and the tiny tube lasted for ages!

The last empty product is my very favourite, and most-worn facial product this year; the Boots Time Delay BB Cream in Light. I love this base, it's incredible, much lighter than a foundation but still giving great coverage without appearing cakey. I'm really lucky in that, even though this is now empty, I have a spare-my mum bought some to try, after liking how it looked on me, but unfortunately the shade was a little light for her skintone so she's passed it my way. Which is excellent as I know it will be used!

What products have you used up? Any recommendations for things I can try?

XO Amie
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