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Wearing: Primark Jumper dress, cloche hat and ankle socks ASOS loafers Marc Jacobs watch Vintage jewellery

There's a lot of Primark happening in this picture! It's not somewhere I usually choose to shop, excepting the purchase of accessories, as I don't really like buying something I know everyone else will have, and on top of that, the quality isn't always that great. However, I'm not a total snob about it, and if I see something I like when I'm shopping, I'll always give it a go, whether it's from Primark, a charity shop or Harvey Nics. It doesn't really matter to me!

Anyway, I feel like I have been searching for the perfect jumper dress for about, hmm, forever. It's such a nice piece to have in the AW wardrobe armory-and my quest was made ever more necessary after spotting the beautiful Tara from The Style Rawr rocking one in one of her recent posts. Hers is from Crumpet, and when I was in Primark recently (to buy hairbands, naturally I then found loads of other things to buy!) I clocked one very similar to hers. 

I picked it up with a view to try it on at home and probably return it (I hate trying things on in shops, I much prefer to get home and try things on at my leisure) but surprisingly it looked really cute on, I love the collar detail and the basic shape. It's very plain, but I like that about it; it means I can wear pretty brooches or collar tips, or a statement coat, to make it more interesting.

Those of you who follow my Instagram will have seen I posted a snap of my 'haul' which wasn't huge but I did get a couple of really pretty things so I will be sharing those on here soon! Speaking of Instagram, you might have noticed (probably not ha) that my usual Monday Instagram post was missing this week, I forgot to post it, doh! I shall probably do a double post next Monday, what a wally!

Also featuring on my Instagram feed this week were these beautiful leather loafers from ASOS. I bought these because I thought they were really cute but also quite quirky, and I figured the chunky heel would make them really comfortable to walk in. But in all honesty I decided I'd probably send them back, because I don't really need another pair of shoes, despite not having any like this already. And then they arrived! They were so beautiful I decided I couldn't possibly not keep them. So on my feet they went!

XO Amie
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