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Wearing: Primark hat H&M jumper Whistles trousers Moda in Pelle ballet pumps eBay cat bag

I would not say I am a crazy cat lady in the sense that I want to own lots of cats, I would love a cat actually but Adrian and I aren't allowed one in our flat, in any case it does seem a little mean to keep a cat in a flat. This doesn't prevent me being attracted to all things cat-like, however; I'm sure regular blog readers will attest that, when it comes to hats, if it doesn't have ears then I'm not interested!

 Basically I saw this bag on eBay and was equally thrilled and repulsed by it in equal measure. It's very 'Carrie Bradshaw', remember her horse's head bag? and despite the fact that I can hardly fit a thing inside it, I had to make it mine. It is ridiculous though!

I picked up this angora jumper from H&M with a 25% off Grazia voucher and have worn it almost constantly since, it's very soft and non-itchy (a peeve of mine when it comes to knitwear is itchiness. I can't abide it.) I love the contrast of this with the silk of my Whistles trousers, and then I added another element into the mix with this fuzzy cat-eared beanie. So cute.

I'm also aware I am wearing the same shoes as in the post a couple of days ago, however I am trying to get my wear from them before it's back into boots for the foreseeable future. Sob!

XO Amie

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