Little White Lies: Customisation Challenge!

Dress c/o Little White Lies

I've recently invested in a sewing machine, it's been something I've been wanting for quite a while and when I got some money for my 30th birthday I put that towards getting one. I've made a few bits and pieces with varying success but when I was contacted by Little White Lies to take part in a customisation challenge, I jumped at the chance! I've always enjoyed customising my clothes to make them a little different, so I was excited to have a go at this!

All I knew about the challenge was that I would be sent a dress and I had to customise the collar. When the dress arrived, I was thrilled, it's absolutely beautiful and I will be wearing it in an outfit post soon, I'm sure! The collar was super cute as it was; a lovely little lace number, so I had to think for ages about how I'd like to change it.

At first I'd thought about making a tartan collar to completely cover the existing one, but I actually liked the lace detailing too much to cover over it! I also briefly considered studs but since they're not really my cup of tea I decided against them too. The last idea I had was to use loads of tiny fabric flowers all over the collar for a really girlie look. I'm still toying with doing this anyway; the best thing about customising is that you can always chop and change what you've done to suit your mood!

I found these amazing little Eiffel Tower charms in a craft shop and so I thought I'd make a spin on collar tips for the dress. I love anything French so this was an obvious choice, I thought about just sewing them on but then I thought I'd add a bit of interest aside of the charms, so I made some little bows out of this suede fabric. I fixed the Eiffel Towers on to the tops of the bows, and then attached the whole thing to each side of the collar.

I love that it is a little Audrey Hepburn in styling, it's still pretty and classic and has retained the overall look of the dress, it's just added a little bit of detail. I also had some little silver key charms I was going to use, but I preferred the look of the Eiffel Towers. I also like the way the silver mixed with the black suede has a sort of western/bolo tie look to it; something you wouldn't expect to find as part of an LBD!

I hope you like how I've customised the dress; what would you have done to it?

You can buy Little White Lies on ASOS and also on their website here.

XO Amie
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