Instagram Week #9

New hairband // Creating outfits // New DVD // Laura Mercier primer // Pretty bridge // Outfit post // Denim at Gap // Matching jewels and nail polish //Ballet shoes 

Adrian was on tour with his band all week so I have spent the evenings catching up with some good films, including this classic, 'Kinky Boots' which I have been wanting to watch again after seeing it in the cinema in 2006! I found it on eBay for 99p so decided to get it, and it is soooo good! 

I've also re-subscribed to Vogue this month. I was given a gift subscription a couple of years ago, and once it expired, I didn't have the £50 or so that was asked for the renewal price. Over the following months I kept getting letters offering greater and greater discounts and the last one I received offered a years subscription for £19, with a free Laura Mercier primer, so I caved in! I've not tried this primer before and I am really excited to do so, I've never tried any Laura Mercier products but I always hear great things so I will be sure to review this one!

I also bought some more No.7 makeup this week (using up my money off vouchers!) and one of the items I got was this lovely pale grey nail varnish, which matches the sardonyx stone in my ring perfectly!

XO Amie
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