Products I have used up #2

Products I have used up: Boots Botanics hydrating night cream, The Body Shop merry cranberry hand cream (old) Paul Mitchell moisture mist, CK One Shock fragrance, Superdrug B.Energised eye cream

I think I'd hoped that the 'empties' post would become a regular thing but call me a bad blogger, or more appropriately, not a beauty blogger, because the last 'empties' post I put together was around the beginning of July. Contrary to how it would appear here, I don't actually buy that many products on a whim; in fact I rarely do, I buy what I know works for me and occasionally will find something new to try on an offer, or via a Glossybox. So the 'empties' posts haven't been as forthcoming as I was hoping but, that aside, I hope you'll enjoy this on!

I've waxed lyrical about this Boots Botanics night cream for some while, in fact this is the second pot of it I've finished and I'll be buying a third. I love everything about it, from the texture and scent to the way it makes my skin feel, it's thick but not heavy and also non greasy, which is perfect for my skin and also it isn't that expensive, it's usually on offer and is around the £6 mark.

The Paul Mitchell moisture mist was a Glossybox inclusion and I didn't really think that much of it to start with, but it's only since I stopped regularly using it (since I finished it) that I realise what a difference it made to the condition of my hair. I would spray it liberally onto my hair before blow drying and it definitely stopped it from being as dry and frizzy as it usually is. I think this is quite pricey so I don't know if I would re-buy it; I don't love it as much as, say, an argan oil but it's been a useful product to try and that I've finished it is testament to how much I liked it.

This Body Shop merry cranberry hand cream is near enough older than water, I must have had it for over 3 years but I've definitely got my money's worth as you really don't need that much. I took it into my local store to see if I could get a replacement and was nearly laughed out of the building, for starters the cranberry range is only available at Christmas (fair enough I suppose) and secondly they couldn't believe how old the packaging was! I have since replaced it with a different product, still a Body Shop hand cream but I'll talk about this in an upcoming post.

CK One isn't a fragrance I'd usually buy, but these handbag sized portable sprays were on an offer in Boots some time ago and I had some vouchers which made them about £6 for about 30ml so I bought it to keep in my handbag. It's a sturdy size and has no chance of leaking which is always handy! To be honest I think it smells a little too sweet for me, but I have used it and enjoyed it, though I won't replace it. I prefer woodier florals with spicy tones and this smelled liked really sugary sweets to me, not an unpleasant smell but not one I'd normally endorse, so I shan't be re-buying it. Great concept though in terms of the bag-friendly packaging!

My final item is an eye cream, actually this B.Energised eye product was more like a gel, and I found the range in Superdrug. I really liked it; they have a skin phase system to determine which products will suit your aging needs, phases 1, 2, or 3 for skin ages thirties, forties and fifties. It's not cheap but it did work well and I am probably going to buy it again, the reason that I haven't yet is that I bought a No. 7 eye cream with some boots vouchers I had, so I have no need for another just yet.

Which products have you used up this month? Any re-buys?

XO Amie
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