I feel as though I might have missed the boat on the whole 'co-ord' trend by about, oh, a whole season, but it looks as though it's sticking around for AW13. Having just got back from Bristol Fashion Week (more on this to follow!) I noticed a couple of co-ord sets go down the runway; not suits or anything stuffy but a cute little matchy set, usually a shell top and trousers although skirts and shorts look great with the matching tops and jackets too.

For my 6th form I had to wear a suit most days so I think once you've been forced into wearing something, you never want to wear it again. A co-ord set is just far enough away from being a 'suit' in my eyes, though it is a suit of sorts, I suppose! I love the matchy look which is so unlike me, I don't normally go down that route at all, as I find it can be a bit twee for everything to go together, I like something different in a look, to give it a bit of edge.

These three looks are all from Whistles who have definitely thrown down the gauntlet in terms of co-ord sets and how they should be done; there's a plethora to pick from including sequinned ones and even a jacquard camo set which even made me look twice (and I hate camo!)

What do you think of co-ordinates? Is this something you'd wear?

XO Amie
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