Instagram Week #5

WIWT // Handmade top // scarf from H&m // Vogue, a birthday gift from lovely friends // Birthday cake treats // Alexa Chung's book, gift from Adrian // On the MSN homepage // Vintage suitcase // Photo retweeted by Elle, relaxing with the mag on a sunny balcony

Another week has come around! I know I didn't share my instagram post until mid week last week so that explains why it's feeling like a shorter space between these posts. Highlights from the week include having a picture re-tweeted by Elle (of the new mag on my balcony-how amazing does Rosie HW look?) and being featured on a What I Wore Today street style pick on MSN which a friend noticed and told me about! 

I'm still demolishing my birthday cake although it has almost all gone now, it's so yummy. I love chocolate cake probably more than any other kind! I've also been reading read Alexa Chung's book, called 'IT' which instantly made me think of the Stephen King novel of the same name-thankfully this isn't anywhere near as scary and features a lot of pretty snaps and some witty remarks. It's also signed so I can enjoy the fact that ALEXA HAS TOUCHED THIS BOOK. She really is one of my style icons and I love the way she dresses.

Hope you all had a good weekend! Speaking of Stephen King, has anyone else been watching 'Under the Dome' on channel 5? I've already read the book but am addicted to this series, it's fantastic!

XO Amie
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